We hope you found this information helpful. If you have further queries please email info@pastacup.com.au and we will do our best to help!

How do we make our pastas?

We make all of our pasta by hand, in-store, every day. We use a mix of durum semolina and a pasta semolina blend, plus fresh eggs, water and nothing else! (Do yourself a favour and google the health benefits of semolina flour!)

Do we use gluten free pasta?

The answer to this question is: not yet. The reason for this is that in our traditional recipe we use Semolina flour, which is not produced gluten free. We are working to develop a substitute that matches the quality and freshness that of our current pasta, however there will always be the potential of traces of gluten due to the environment in which the pasta is produced. In the meantime we suggest gluten intolerant customers stick to the risotto, as well as exploring our salads menu. Don’t forget If there is an ingredient you are not sure of, you can always ask to take it out, and we also ask you please make staff aware of your intolerance so that they can take extra care when preparing your food.

Having said that, every individual needs to make an assessment whether their intolerance is simply too severe to eat at Pastacup, as we can never guarantee product being completely free of gluten due to the store environment, with all pasta being prepared from raw form in our store.

Do we sell wholemeal pasta?

Similarly to gluten free, there is currently no wholemeal flour on the market that is compatible with our machinery and processes. As with gluten free, we’re searching and will find a solution eventually.

What are our Vegan options?

The vegan question is an interesting one, as what some regard as a vegan product, others don’t. However, this is how we see it:

Our risotto dishes with a tomato base sauce are the closest option to a vegan diet, however we do use a little margarine in the preparation of our risotto. Whilst this margarine is vegetable oil based, in rare cases substitute margarine may be used, although quite unlikely. Please be aware that egg and dairy items are core ingredients in our stores, and everything is prepared from scratch (i.e. products in raw form are present in the stores). We recommend customers making their own assessments whether these conditions qualify in their terms as vegan or not.

Where do I find the nutritional information?

The nutritional information project is an extensive one due to the size of our menu, which we’re currently working on (including lab analysis) but it’s going to take sometime. Once completed the information will be available on our website and/or on leaflets in our store. Meanwhile, a quick search online can inform you of fresh pasta values, and we can tell you that tomato based sauces are near fat free, whilst our cream based sauces use the ‘real deal’. Don’t forget you can make any sauce tomato based, and our secret weapon against calories is our pink based sauces: half the naughtiness but still full of flavor. Just ask and we can make any sauce with pink base!

What do if I have a food allergy?

Depending on the severity of your allergies, you should always inform staff of your allergies so they can put a note in the system to take extra precaution whilst making your food. If your allergy is a hyper allergic or close to it, we recommend not eating at any of our restaurants due to the pace of our kitchens and kitchen systems. People with severe food allergies need to make an assessment whether it is safe or not.

Does any of our foods contain nuts?

Yes. Our pesto sauce contains pine nuts. We may at times have promotional items in store that do contain nuts, and we cannot take responsibility for products that are produced out of our kitchens that may contain nuts or traces thereof. Although we take every precaution necessary to avoid food cross-contamination, any person with allergies need to make the necessary judgment as whether our kitchens are suitable to them or not. Pastacup cannot take any responsibilities for allergic reaction suffered from our food. We recommend that you inform our staff if you suffer from any allergies. If you suffer from hyper allergic reactions to certain foods Pastacup is not a kitchen for you even if the food item is not present in our kitchens.