We love our catering!! The high number of repeat customers to our catering service is a testament to our dedication to making your party or function a success.

No catering order is too small or big for us, our food is always a hit with the crowd! It certainly brings something different to the table but the stock standard catering order.

For concerts, big events and school funtions our truck is a welcomed sight, contact our truck on foodtruck@pastacup.com.au or call 9328 3108 to check its availability!

We can tailor for any budget, individual portions, or more affordable trays. We do salads, sides, main courses made into bite sizes.. give us a call on 9328 3108 for a tailored quote or email your enquiry through to catering@pastacup.com.au 


symphony in the city

Posted 2 years ago
Symphony in the City 2016

One of the best things with a food truck is discovering the sheer amount of events, festivals and concerts that are happening in Perth, and be able to partake in many...