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Posted 3 years ago
Mr Beetroot Fettucine is Mr Popular!

We are happy to see our new handsome fella - the Beetroot Fettucine is proving popular - even with those who don't even like Beetroot!!!


Beetroot is one of those things we feel may not be super nice to eat by itself, so we stuck it in the pasta!! Be surprised and get the goodness with the help of Bioglan Organics, apparently the noted health benefits of dating this fella are things like:

  • He lowers your blood pressure (ahhh that would be nice, one of those calm guys..)
  • He increases blood pressure (oh yeah, that means keeps you warm, right?
  • Throw in helps with sleep and inflammation, and we're sold!

He's rumoured to be particularly tasty with the Milan sauce, but hey, you're the boss so you decide. Available online, and in store.