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Posted 3 years ago
Make tonight’s dinner quick and easy.

It’s been a long day, there is nothing in the fridge and you know the same old takeaway isn’t going to make the grade.

We get it.
You just want a great tasting, wholesome meal that doesn’t make you feel like you’re eating badly... and wouldn’t it be awesome if you could eat it on the couch in front of your fav TV program… Comfort food for ‘your’ comfort zone.

How about this…
Imagine hand-made pasta (made daily in-store) with your favourite traditional sauce: Bolognese, Marinara, Carbonara, Alfredo…. Or spice it up with our ‘Angry Sausage’ and for the individual taste, mix it up with our Pink Sauces (½ Tomato and ½ Cream): Hot Tuna , Shrimp D-Lux, Bonny. That's not all... check out our menu here.

Just for you.
Because at Pastacup we make each dish to order, you can have your favourite pasta dish just the way you want it! Like having a personal chef just down the road.

Get it now!
Order online (or download the App) and find out just how good take away food should be.

You’re invited to join the Pastacup family and take home a satisfying, wholesome and affordable meal, made just for you, tonight.