Lefty Food Trucks

Posted 3 years ago
Lefty Food Trucks!

Every Wednesday evening from 5pm, different Food Trucks are welcomed into the Leftbank's car park (how cool is that!?!). And you guessed it - our eccentric 'little' van is going in on Wednesday (the 23rd of March) cooking up all sorts of crazy stuff! Check out more about the Left Bank here

Grab your family or plan a weeknight date with your friends, explore the variety of food from the food trucks (ours) and then go  inside and grab a table at The Left Bank!  Match your food with drinks from our bars and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere in the Beer Garden. Live Music will be playing from 5pm!

Finally we are providing you with that sunset experience without you having to work that hard- enjoy their beautiful setting by the river whilst digging in to some Pastacup food!


Please Note: this event is not BYO and the car park is not part of thier licensed venue. You’re welcome to bring the food from the food trucks into their venue where you can enjoy drinks from the bars. Children/Minors are welcome – as long as they are accompanied by their parent/legal guardian.